2 Years old


Allow us to introduce Curly, the distinguished brother of Fry, with a stunning dark coat adorned with tan spots. Curly’s unique aesthetic appeal is matched only by his serene and composed personality.

Unlike his energetic sibling, Curly possesses a calm and collected demeanor that radiates a sense of tranquility. His gentle nature brings a sense of peace to our guinea pig family, providing a harmonious balance to the liveliness that surrounds him.

Similar to Vanilla and Bear, Curly is not fond of being held. He cherishes his independence and prefers to explore his surroundings at his own pace. When given the opportunity, Curly embarks on small adventures, delighting in the discovery of new nooks and crannies. His curiosity knows no bounds, and he finds joy in the simple pleasure of exploration.

Curly’s calm and contemplative nature is truly captivating. With his dark coat embellished with tan spots, he is undoubtedly one of the more aesthetically pleasing guinea pigs to behold. His striking appearance is a testament to the natural beauty found within the guinea pig world.