1 Year old


Meet Vanilla, the spirited Sheba guinea pig with a distinctive snowy white coat. Though Vanilla may appear angelic, beneath that fluffy exterior lies a guinea pig with a feisty attitude and a fiercely loyal nature.

Vanilla’s friendship with Bean is truly remarkable. From the moment they were brought together, these two guinea pigs formed an unbreakable bond. They are inseparable companions, partners in adventure, and confidants for life. Vanilla and Bean’s connection is a testament to the power of true friendship.

However, Vanilla’s strong-willed personality sets them apart. While Bean is warm-hearted and welcoming to all, Vanilla is more selective with his affections. Vanilla has a clear preference for the company of Bean and doesn’t easily warm up to others. This guinea pig knows his mind and isn’t afraid to show it.

One thing to note about Vanilla is his aversion to being picked up. Vanilla cherishes his independence and prefers to have all four paws planted firmly on the ground. Attempting to lift Vanilla may result in a swift nip or a gentle warning nibble. It’s important to respect Vanilla’s boundaries and understand his unique preferences.

Despite Vanilla’s feisty nature, there’s no doubt that his loyalty to Bean runs deep. Together, they explore their surroundings, share secret conversations in their adorable guinea pig language, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Their friendship is an inspiration, demonstrating that true bonds can flourish even between seemingly contrasting personalities.

Stay tuned to discover more about Vanilla’s spirited escapades alongside Bean. Their adventures are sure to keep you entertained and remind you of the incredible friendships that exist within the guinea pig world.