2 years old


Get ready to meet Fry, an energetic guinea pig with a delightful tan spotted Abyssinian coat. Fry’s boundless energy is truly captivating, making him the livewire of our guinea pig family and polar opposite to his brother Curly .

With his spirited nature, Fry brings a whirlwind of excitement wherever he goes. His vivacious personality is a blessing and a curse, as his infectious energy can both uplift and overwhelm those around him. Fry’s enthusiasm for life is truly contagious, and he injects a vibrant energy into every moment.

Fry’s zest for play is unmatched. He’s always ready for a new adventure or an engaging play session with his guinea pig companions. However, his exuberance can sometimes backfire when others prefer solitude and ask to be left alone. Fry’s exuberant invitations for play may not always be well-received, but his intentions are pure and filled with a genuine desire for connection.

One unique trait that sets Fry apart is his love for attention. This energetic dynamo thrives on human interaction and craves the limelight. It’s no surprise that Fry often becomes our trusted sidekick during Zoom calls, stealing the show with his undeniable charisma and endearing antics. He demands attention and leaves a lasting impression with everyone he encounters.

Fry’s presence brings joy and entertainment to our life, reminding us all of the importance of embracing our inner childlike energy and finding delight in the simplest moments. While his enthusiastic nature can be a handful at times, Fry’s vibrancy and zest for life make every day an adventure.