2 Years old


Introducing Bear, a guinea pig with a captivating brown spotted white coat and a truly serene nature. As the older brother to Panda, Bear holds a special place in our hearts with his gentle presence and warm-hearted spirit.

Bear, the epitome of tranquility, brings a sense of calm to our guinea pig family. His serene disposition radiates a soothing energy that envelops those around him. Whether he’s lounging in a cozy corner or basking in the gentle sunlight, Bear knows how to find peace and contentment in the simplest moments.

Although Bear has his playful side and, like most guinea pigs, prefers to have all four paws on the ground, he is known for forming deep bonds with the people in his life. Once he settles into a state of relaxation, Bear’s friendly and affectionate nature shines through, making it easy for others to connect with him on a profound level. His warm-heartedness and gentle spirit make him a joy to be around.