1 year old


Bean is a charming and lovable guinea pig with a delightful warm personality. As a handsome brown and white White-Crested guinea pig, Bean captures hearts with his distinct markings and captivating presence. Bean’s endearing nature extends beyond his appearance. He possesses a kind and gentle disposition that instantly puts anyone at ease. Whether you’re a familiar face or a new acquaintance, Bean welcomes you with open paws and a joyful squeak.

But there’s something truly special about Bean’s bond with his best friend, Vanilla. The two of them share an inseparable friendship that is truly heartwarming to witness. Bean and Vanilla can often be found snuggled up together, exchanging nose kisses and playful chirps. Their connection is a testament to the deep and meaningful relationships that guinea pigs can form. When Bean isn’t enjoying Vanilla’s company, he loves exploring his surroundings with a curious spirit. Whether it’s investigating new toys, munching on delectable hay, or engaging in gentle chin rubs, Bean finds joy in the simple pleasures of life.

Bean’s warm-hearted nature and strong bond with Vanilla make him an exceptional companion. His presence brings happiness and comfort to those around him, and he has an uncanny ability to brighten even the gloomiest of days.

Stay tuned to learn more about Bean’s adventures and the delightful moments he shares with Vanilla. You’ll be captivated by their heartwarming tales of friendship and joy.