Skinny Pig


1 Year old


Say hello to Rufina, the extraordinary Skinny pig and the only female in the company of her guinea pig companions. Rufina is a remarkable guinea pig who stands out not only for her unique appearance but also for her incredibly sociable and friendly nature.

As a Skinny pig, Rufina lacks the traditional fur that most guinea pigs have. Instead, she sports a thin layer of peachy skin, which makes her all the more special and captivating. Rufina’s unique appearance turns heads and sparks curiosity wherever she goes.

What truly sets Rufina apart is her fondness for human interaction. Among all the guinea pigs in our furry family, Rufina’s love for being held and her affectionate nature make her a standout companion. She thrives on human companionship, eagerly seeking out our attention and eagerly settling into our arms for cuddles and snuggles.

But Rufina’s sociability doesn’t stop there—she has a voice of her own, especially when it comes to her mealtimes. This lovely lady knows how to make her desires known, and her vocal requests for food are hard to ignore. When Rufina wants to be fed, her loud squeals and delightful chatters echo through the air, ensuring that her hunger is promptly addressed.

However, behind her vocal demands lies a heart filled with love and a genuine affection for those around her. Rufina’s friendly demeanor, coupled with her undeniable charm, makes her an absolute joy to be around.